• CybEdoo - Complete Campus management Solutions
  • Edu app - EDAPT
    • Helps the students learn skills for the 21st century.
    • Junior coders program - Coding is not a choice, but a necessity
    • Edapt Powered Schools
      • Skill certificate with school logo
      • School name inside Edapt App
      • Better brand recognition
  • ISO Certifications for educational institutions


In this day and era of digital literacy, each academic institution has a problem in managing and executing both academic and administrative activities to their full potential. The organisation must rely on many digital suites for each and every functionality, and their interoperability adds to the overall strain. CybEdoo was founded with the objective of connecting all stakeholders of an academic organisation, including parents, professors, and students, to a basic level and overcoming the dramatic changes occurring in digital learning.
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